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How to find the right false eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes are one of the most effective ways to enhance your make-up look. The easy to use false eyelashes are a simple solution to saving money on professional eyelash extensions but still achieving the same transformative results. In this blog post, the Pink Mula team is sharing everything you need to know about magnetic eyelashes and why they're the beauty product you need to complete your unique look.

Pick lashes that suit your eye shape

We're all about embracing our individuality and our facial features are one of the things that make us so unique; we're all born with our distinctive beauty. Beauty products can help us enhance and feel our best about these features!

Picking the right pair of fake lashes will draw attention to the uniqueness of our eyes.

Here is a brief guide to finding the perfect lashes for your eye shape, so you no longer have to spend the time or money getting individual eyelash extensions:

Almond eyes: Full and thick lashes

Round eyes: Curly lashes

Protruding eyes: Thin and feathery

Deep eyes: Long lashes

Upturned eyes: Cat eyelashes (thick edges and corners)

Downturned eyes: Winged lashes

Hooded eyes: Long and fluttery lashes

Choose which magnetic eyelash style makes you feel confident

At Pink Mula, we believe you look as good as you feel, which is why we're passionate about helping you feel your best! We stock a range of different styles and shapes of magnetic eyelashes because we know one eyelash style doesn't suit everyone.

When it comes to deciding on the right pair of fake eyelashes, confidence should be your number one priority. Pick the pair of lashes you feel most comfortable wearing. If you’ve never worn fake eyelashes or had eyelash extensions, you might decide to try a simple, natural lash style, such as Jade. However, if you feel you're most confident with a full make-up look and a pair of falsies, you might want to make a statement with a pair of Diamond lashes.


Consider the occasion you’re styling for

Many people choose to wear their favourite pair of lashes daily. Whereas others only wear falsies with a full-glam look. Whether you enjoy styling your fake lashes daily or just for special events, you need to consider which pair of fake eyelashes suit the occasion. It's unlikely you're going to style the same pair of lashes during a night out as you will Monday morning at the office. Having a collection of lashes you can switch between for different events means you can continue feeling your best, whether you're sitting at your desk or on the dance floor!

If you're looking for a simple but effective way to upgrade your make-up look, fake lashes are the beauty product you need. Whether you're running errands or attending a special event, a pair of fake lashes will increase your self-confidence, enhance your natural beauty and ensure you stand out from the crowd.

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